Digital Media Aggreagators is a market leader in the field of Mobile Value Addition Services (VAS) and we have built powerful tools that allow our clients to deploy services to their customers in a very short time.


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Bulk SMS services

Digital Media Aggregator provides Bulk SMS as a VAS service. Bulk SMS allows cooperation’s and SME’s to send (One way broadcasts) high and low volumes of non- premium SMS using our Bulk SMS portal (https://sms.digitalaggregators.com/ ) quickly and efficiently to clients and customers.

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Short Code Services

A Short Code is a 5 digit premium number which allows people to send and receive multiple messages.

A Short Code can be MO-Mobile Originated that means messages sent/originated from a mobile device Or MT-Mobile Terminated that means messages being sent/Terminated to a mobile device/handset

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Unstructured Suplementary Service Data (USSD)

Digital Media Aggregator USSD code is used to build an interactive session using SMS as the main medium with a three digit number.
USSD creates a real-time connection for your users to deliver scalable solutions from any mobile phone.

A USSD can be in two tariffs;
-Prepaid USSD-In this tariff the subscriber is charged for the service.
-Postpaid USSD-In this tariff the cost of the service is borne by the customer

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Digital Media Aggregator Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a solution that helps one to interact with callers in a more efficient way. It allows incoming and outgoing calls to access information using a voice response or prerecorded messages.

A well designed IVR system can be customized to meet clients’ needs and preferences, therefore improve customer satisfaction and increase customer care operations.

Computer systems, Web Design and development

Digital Media Aggregators prides itself having the best web and software developers in Kenya.
With our expertise we believe that we can be able to develop custom made applications to meet client’s needs.

Skiza tunes and Ring-back tunes (RBT)

Skiza tunes is a service that allows users to entertain their callers with their favorite tune as they wait for their call to be answered. They could be latest hit songs, name tunes, bible verses, personalized messages etc.

CRBT/Business tunes/Skiza Biashara
-Digital Media Aggregators CRBT is a service that gives organizations and SME’s an opportunity to have a customized ring back tone informing callers of their services during call waiting on their official or preferred numbe https://crbt.digitalaggregators.com/