Digital Media Aggregators Productions is our in-house production unit with state of the art audio visual recording and production equipment. We have invested heavily in equipment and in training of our production crew. This is what allows us to produce audio-visual content of such a high quality that is rare in the East African Market. We offer the following media production services:

concept development

Concept Development

Our creative team can help you with your research, visual treatments, storyboarding, scripting, casting and pre-visualization of your storyline before going into full production.

concept development

Audio Production

We have seasoned audio engineers who have worked with hundreds of different artists amd we can offer voiceovers, audio recording, mixing, digital audio mastering and editing.

concept development

Video and Film

Our film production facility is equipped with the latest cutting edge technology. We offer High Fidelity (HD) video recording and editing, color grading, music scoring and sound design.

concept development


We provide photography services for your events and also for marketing material such as brochures, billboards and for social media presence.