Digital LED screens and Holographic 3D Marketing:

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Digital LED screens

is the current big marketing tool in digital display technology. It captures the attention of an audience and delivers information visually. They are strategically placed in social places like shopping malls and major highways.

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The 3D hologram

is a portable innovative solution that captivates viewers using stunning displays which has high-definition detailed 3D content that appears to be floating in mid-air. They are perfect for product launch and activations, digital signage, indoor and outdoor events, ongoing product promotions.

Our team will help you place your product/services on major LED screens and 3D holograms around the country at affordable rates. Contact us TODAY!

TV/ Radio marketing

Digital Media Aggregator marketing agency enables clients to Place their Ads on prime times where the audience with the purchasing power are watching or listening.

Our team will assist in selecting stations and shows that will ensure our clients gets a return on Investment. The TV/Radio station to be chosen will be determined by the kind of content that is normally aired and can align with your product/Service.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is fastest way of marketing used to promote and connect brands to reach their potential customers using internet.

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SEO-Search Engine Optimization

The process of getting traffic from free, organic and editorial search results, improving the quality and quantity of website traffic from search engines.
As a client you will benefit by improving your ranking and get your webpage in front of your target market eyes faster, therefore increase the visibility of your brand which leads to high returns on investment.

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Online paid ads

Banners can be placed on top sites and apps where the client is flexible to choose preferred sites and timings. Adverts to be placed on major social media sites. Blogs can be made and accompanied with twitter trends.

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Influencer marketing

Influencers are identified according to the type of content they promote on their social media pages. They create believability on a product and also create public awareness.
Digital media aggregator will help its clients to use the best content creators in Kenya to reach their target market/Audience.

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On ground marketing

As part of creating awareness, the below on ground activities can be planned.

  • Roadshows
  • Events sponsorships
  • Wall branding
  • Bill boards